Yesterday I have read a news regarding from theSun ON tuesday,

KUALA LUMPUR: Investors here have been

advised to diversify their fixed income

investments beyond the local market into

the global market to reduce the risks, an

international asset management expert said

Stephen H Dover, the international

chief investment officer of Frandklin

Templeton’s Local Asset Management

group, said developed-market investors

 have diversified out of their local fixed

 income markets since it makes sense to do

so and go global.

He said Malaysia would now be

included in some global portfolios unlike

in the past as investors were now trying to

tap into growth oriented markets.


To summarise the idea of what Stephen H Dover trying to said is Malaysian should start to go global and invest. In my opinion, what Malaysian lack of is the support and ideas of investing into global. Yet I am not blaming Malaysian of not investing into global. No doubt, the Malaysian should seek for those investment experts for guardians. The whole ideas for Malaysian are knowing what are the opportunities of investing into global. Yet more opportunities to explore for Malaysian! Good News indeed!


It’s was a wonderful section with so many Young Female Entrepreneur. Sharing ideas and knowledge of opening a business. Out of the forum,  they sharing idea on what mistakes that normally make by business owner and how to prevent it.

Few Tips during the Young Entrepreneur Forum:

  • A business owner will always work longer than their employees for the beginning because nobody cares more than themselves.


  • There will be always a review each and every week of the job that have done, strategies & planning and result.


  • Failure is unavoidable! but what you learn out of it and how you overcome it, Matters.


  • Unique business idea will outstand you between others!


  • Never Give Up Attitude!

So more to learn from the business owner but due to time restriction, only few ideas can be share.


So, some special guest are invited like Datin Paduka Sei Rosmah Mansor, Dato Siti Nurhaliza and etc. Great sharing of their business idea!

It’s was wonderful Forum indeed!

This got me thinking. Why are many new property launches and existing homes exorbitantly priced? Why are there few to none of the bread-and-butter houses being built?

If developers keep developing and selling higher priced properties, this will lead to an imbalance in supply and demand in the housing market.

A gauge of what a house is worth would be the rental it can fetch. As prices of homes rise and the rental market, which is more linked to the disposable income of people, remains static and rigid, the inflated prices of property becomes more apparent.

Yes, price inflation of properties – if it remains strong – would offset the loss in returns from rent if people buy properties as an investment.

But then people should also consider whether they are better off renting and investing their money in higher yielding assets.



             The value of houses is so expensive now. It’s this a right time to buy houses to invest? Even you have the money to invest you know that somehow the houses is not worth that amount of money.  Find the right vehicle to park your money while waiting for the prices of the houses to drop. Whatever go up will come down! A return of investment that can give you low risk and moderate return (higher than fixed deposit). Something like an oversea investment.



Source link: http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=%2F2010%2F8%2F12%2Fbusiness%2F6842280&sec=business

Silver price went up!

Previously the price of silver is only MYR 70. In less than 8 weeks, the price of silver went up to MYR88.69. In my opinion, somehow few week later there is a possibility of silver price to increase again. Pricing is always very speculative for precious metal, this is an high risk investment and a long-term investment.

The table below is taken at GoldSilverMalaysia.com

Silver As Low As Gold As Low As
U.S. Silver Eagle 1 oz 88.69 MYR / oz
Canadian Maple Leaf Silver 500 oz Case 85.12 MYR / oz
10 oz Silver Bar 82.74 MYR / oz
Liberty Silver Round 83.60 MYR / oz
Johnson Matthey 100 Oz Silver Bar 82.33 MYR / oz
American Gold Eagles 1 oz 4,749.57 MYR / oz
American Gold Eagle 1/2 oz 4,911.08 MYR / oz
American Gold Eagle 1/4 oz 5,002.96 MYR / oz
American Gold Eagle 1/10 oz 5,117.93 MYR / oz
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf 4,738.69 MYR / oz
South African Krugerrand 4,761.60 MYR / oz
Gold Austrian Philharmonic 4,761.60 MYR / oz
1 oz Gold Bar 4,671.80 MYR / oz
Johnson Matthey Ten Ounce Gold Bar 4,651.37 MYR / oz
All Prices Displayed In Ringgit Malaysia | Change Currency: MYR

Gold Or Silver?

Gold might go up as high as $2,500 said by respected economists, academics, analysts and market commentators. In fact, the majority said that it will go up to $5000 or more –  even as high as $15,000 – is actually more likely. Just imagine what is in store for silver given its historical price relationship with gold, Should we buy silver now?

History – During the phase for sliver in 1979 – 1980, the price of silver on 2nd January 1979 is as low as  $5.94 and by early of february 1980 it increase to $49.45 (732.5%). Right now the current price of sliver is almost $21 and that might increase to $175. The current ratio of Gold:Silver is between 70:1 and 60:1.  In January 1979, the ratio is 38:1 and on January 1980, it drop down to 13.99:1 ratio.

From my opinion, Comparing the pricing for a gold today is $1276.50 and silver price today is $20.82. Will it happen again in January 1980 where the ratio is 13.99:1. Where gold is $1276.50 using the above 13.99:1 gold:silver ratio puts silver at $91.24.  Somehow, the value of silver is much more valuable compare to gold in the daily usage. We need silver from 3 areas, industrial uses, jewelry and silverware, and photography. Why does gold prices is much more higher than silver? The demand and supply create the price of the Gold but as we know silver is much more valuable.

Alternative Investment

Alternative investment is a non-traditional investment. It’s a investment that wont affect by the volatility market. Which means that if the market crash the investment return will not be affected.  This make a great assurance towards investor that preferred something that they dont have to concern if the market is going up or down and investor dont need to view any chart to make a decision. Alternative Investment has a higher returns and have a low correlation with those of standard asset classes. Research stated that, there are 5 type of Assest allocation such as Real Estate, Cash / Deposits, Fixed Income, Equities and Alternative Investment. Therefore,  Alternative Investment should be the part of the Investment Portfolio.


For example Alternative Investments: 


Premium Liquid Investment (Fine Wine)

Precious Metal Investment (Gold & Silver)

Land Investment ( Real Estate Participation)

Arts & Antiques Investment


          The first priority of an investor is to protect himself from financial harm. Question in minds, How you can survive and thrive even in a serious economic downturn? You learned another important concept called eventuality planning. Even economic recession could not harm you, you probability confident in anything. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


          As investors of alternative investment, we should prepare rather than predict. Being prepared is infinitely more important that being able to predict. There are only two rules of investing that must be obeyed, although understanding the rules of the game is important, possessing the skills to play the game is even more important. First rule of investing is, don’t lose money. The second rule says, remember the first rule. I truly agree with the rules; the reason is because “margin of safety” to me is the forms of investment! In case you didn’t know, the “margin of safety” concept was discovered by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet. As for Warren Buffett is the world’s most successful investor ever.


          The uninformed would need an antidote first. 2 ideas usually found are “money makes money” and “no risk no gain”. These are two of the worst ideas in our money world. Just these 2 ideas have cause half of the world’s populations to live in mental defeat, enslaved in the rat race and bound. These waves will continue to rush on to the shores of our money world tomorrow, and the day after.